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At Lam Thanh TM JSC, we believe that packaging is just as vital as the production process itself. It's an essential step in ensuring that our products reach our customers intact and in top-notch condition. Our packaging procedure is meticulously designed, involving multiple steps and rigorous inspections. This ensures that every item is carefully prepared before it leaves our facility, guaranteeing the highest quality upon arrival to our valued customers.


Our process for packaging pots is incredibly detailed. Each pot is individually wrapped and separated by layers of robust cardboard and outer cord columns. This creates protective layers, effectively shielding the pots from impact damage and breakage. Customers can also request additional special packaging requirements to ensure their products arrive safely and securely.


After wrapping our products in protective layers of sturdy cardboard, we package them in carton boxes. These boxes are carefully arranged to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during transportation.


For transporting certain heavy and fragile items by sea freight, we also use wooden pallet crates. These crates protect the products from collisions with other cargo and minimize the impact when passing through conveyor belts. This extra care ensures that our merchandise reaches the customer in optimal condition.


The plant pots are stacked onto wooden pallets, wrapped in plastic film, and securely strapped with cords. Each pot is labeled for shipping and then neatly stored in the warehouse, ready for loading into containers to be transported to our customers.


The product pallets are carefully loaded into container trucks using specialized forklifts. They are arranged neatly to make the most of the available space. To prevent any movement during transit, any gaps are filled with dunnage airbags, ensuring that the goods arrive intact to our clients.

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