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Vietnam Garden Planters: True Nature – True Beauty For Your Garden Style

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Garden makes our life better: give us fresh air, shade and soothe us with visually relaxing natural tones of green and brown. Besides getting those benefits of it, you also would love to present your aesthetic mind by decorating the garden. There are 2 popular and most preferred styles: Modern and Classic. The style of garden is also the vital factor that requires which material of planter should be used. In this post, we have some ideal Vietnamese planters for your lovely garden

If you are into contemporary style, maybe, minimalism; our poly stone or fiber cement planters could be the top of your list. Their appearance is quite simplified, preferred with a neutral color and less detail, and goes well with any decoration or placement.


Vietnam Polystone Planters, Vietnam Pot Supplier
Vietnam Black Poly Sante Planters

Poly Stone pot is water and frost resistant, moreover, intensely durable for indoor décor. That is ideal for frequent re-locating thanks to their light material – as known as GRP plant pot. They get a huge range of shapes and colors that you can efficiently pick up those that are suitable to your décor.

Vietnam Polyresin Containers, Vietnam Fiberglass Pots
Vietnam Poly Narce Plant Containers

Vietnam Poly Stone planter is widely favored with its modern design, which would be suitable in the workspace, hallway or restaurant décor,... It is not too garish to disorder your concept, just like a highlight or an additional element that helps your space more elegant and cozy.


Vietnam Terrazzo Planters, Vietnam Pottery Manufacturer
Vietnam Terrazzo Plant Pots for Outdoor

As its name, Fiber Cement pot made in Vietnam is extraordinarily durable and eco-friendly that could use for several years as well. On account of adding glass fibers- as known as GRC that increase the cracking resistance by many times. Fiber Cement planters are heavy that could get rid of damage from wind. About their outer, you can choose a variety of surfaces or customize them by yourself. They have all sizes adapt to your demand, from small to extra-large for any area. Their thickness would maintain cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter for your plant

Vietnam Fiber Cement Planter, Vietnam Terrazzo Pots
Vietnam Terrazzo Planters

You are staying in a classic style, get interested in detail, intricate patterns or the creativity of pottery craftsmen. Then, Vietnam Terracotta and Glazed pottery would be great for "dressing up" your garden. They are kiln-baked clay at high temperatures to get sturdy and eco-friendly. After many complicated processes, those Vietnam clay-based pots have an impressive finish and color.


Vietnam Terracotta, Terracotta Pots
Vietnam Antique Terracotta Pots

The element is naturalistic clay in Vietnam, which is very porous that allows the air to move through and quickly absorb water, avoid your plant from root rot. Besides, Terracotta plant pots are nature friendly and well done on drainage that would take care of your plants and keep them growing healthily. The fact that Vietnam Terracotta pots get better with age, under nature effect, they get a marvelous patina.

Vietnam Antique Terracotta, Vietnam Pots
Vietnam Ancient Clay Pots


Vietnam Glazed Pottery, Vietnam Pottery Supplier
Vietnam Outdoor Glazed Pottery

In high-temperature weather, the soil becomes drying rapidly. Glazed pots can hold in moisture, the soil stays moist which allows you to go longer in between waterings. Those handcrafted glazed planters in Vietnam possess an extensive range of designs, colors that could be easier to opt for your garden, patio. With the coat of glaze, it is effortless to clear dirty away from your planter; that you can keep the glazed surface long-lasting.

Vietnam Large Pottery, Vietnam Clay Pots
Vietnam Black Glazed Pottery

Make your garden stunning that takes you a little effort to opt; however, it would become more excited when you see your accomplishment. Whether you are into elegant, modern style or finest classic style, we have all items that meet your needs. Let’s explore more of our exclusive items this season on our website: Choosing the right planter not only makes up your garden but also gives you a pleasant feeling and eases your mind.

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